Commissions open soon!
Message me for availability
You can message me about commissions through whichever platform you found this on in a private message or via email to the address below.

Paypal/contact email: [email protected]

Clean Sketch

Just some nice lines. Maybe a little color.

$20 base price
+$10 for heavy details or multiple characters.


Flat colors with simple shading. More "cartoony" style.

$60 base price
+$15 per extra character

Digital Painting

Most time consuming and complex. Fully rendered and semi-realistic.

$150 base price
(subject to change based on image size/detail)
+$30 per extra character

Profile Pic

Headshot of any character. Cel-shaded only.


Discord and Twitch Emoji

Made for discord or twitch chats. Cel-shaded only.

$15 per emoji
Can be negotiated if doing several emoji

Some tips about commissioning me:

-If you are requesting a drawing of a specific character, OC, or person, please send me any references you have of them, and specify any details I may need to know for the drawing!

-Anything under $50 is expected to be paid BEFORE I begin working on your piece. If the piece is more expensive, I expect a portion of the payment upfront, and the rest can be done in installments afterwards if necessary. If this becomes a problem, I will remove this option and all payments will be expected upfront.

-While I don't currently have a lot of examples of anthropomorphic or mecha characters, I am willing to do this type of work. Pricing may be subject to change in these cases, so please talk to me about it!

Clean Sketches

Usually consists of plain and simple lines, may be less neat and clean-looking. Small touches of color on an otherwise black and white sketch have no additional cost. Colored sketches involve somewhat cleaner lines and full flat color, with no shading. This option is $20 , and maintains the +$10 rule for additional character or particularly complicated work.


Generally the most requested type of commission. Style is less realistic, but often easier for me to do. Great for character references, portraits, or fan art! This option is $60 , and maintains the +$15 rule for additional character or particularly complicated work.

Digital Painting

Most time-consuming but also most detailed work. Most of these pieces take 3-4 weeks depending on spare time. The process involves a sketch, a color mock-up, and a lengthy rendering process. These files often tend to be too large to send via Discord, so if you are requesting this please be prepared to either receive an email or google drive link. This option is $150 , and maintains the +$30 rule for additional character or particularly complicated work.

Profile Pic

In case you want a new profile picture for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, or wherever! These images are all done on a square canvas for best fit, and are cel-shaded only because they will most likely shrink when made into an avatar. This option is $25

Twitch and Discord Emoji

Looking for new emotes for your Twitch channel or Discord server? I can do those! Let me know what platform you're using, and you'll be sent that respective file size. As a note: Discord automatically re-sizes emoji, so those are usually sent as a larger file. This option is $15, but can be negotiated if I'm doing a set (for example, 3 for $35)